Over the last few weeks, through the generosity of an anonymous donor and our ongoing partnership with Three Square Food Bank, we have brought the Golden Groceries program right to our senior residents’ front doors. Team HAND has facilitated two rounds of deliveries to 2,000 of our independent senior residents, which has not only allowed us to reconnect after spending time apart, but also serve our residents who have been impacted by COVID-19. Upon completion, our team will have delivered 4,000 bags of fresh produce, 4,000 loaves of bread, and 8,000 boxes of non-perishable food items — totaling about 80 tons of food over those two months!

Recently, we spent the day at our Monsignor C.T. Shallow community to speak to our onsite staff about the Golden Groceries program. Our staff finds this program to be a valuable resource for residents in need as we aim to maintain the health and wellness of our communities. Check out this video to hear more from our Monsignor C.T. Shallow team on how this program is making a difference in their community.

For more information on the Golden Groceries program, please contact Three Square directly.